Why you should choose our Dracula or Halloween Tours Transylvania

So you found our site, browsed our tours and then decided that you must visit Transylvania? That’s great! But, before you choose your perfect tour, there are some things you should consider. Our Dracula and Halloween Tours Transylvania focus primarily on Vlad the Impaler and the places related to the ruler. At the same time, our itineraries include important historical places and breathtaking views. We organize Vampire Tours, which take place in the summer, Halloween Tours or Private Tours. Check out the list below and find out the tour type which suits you best.

Dracula or Halloween Tours Transylvania – Departure dates

Arguably the most important piece of information you need before booking is the departure date. Usually, people plan their holiday around their busy schedules. Our Dracula and Halloween Tours Transylvania have set several different departure dates. These tours depart with medium to large groups.

Sighisoara Citadel

First of all, we recommend our flagship itinerary, the Awarded 7-Days Dracula or Halloween tour. This tour type departs either during the summer (June – September) or on Halloween, when it includes three amazing Halloween Parties. Each tour has a different departure date, so we recommend checking out our Departures Calendar.

If you don’t have time for the complete 7-days experience, you can choose a 3-days Short Break. These Dracula or Halloween Tours Transylvania include the main highlights of the complete experience. The summer editions of our short break depart on request. The Halloween editions of these tours also include two amazing parties: in Sighisoara Citadel and at Bran Castle. These tours depart from Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest on a fixed date, in order to coincide with the parties.

In terms of departure dates, we have one more tour type: the Private Tour. We organize several private tours throughout the year. These itineraries depart on customer request and they can be customized according to your needs. In addition, you can travel with your friends or family only and therefore enjoy a more intimate experience. Private Tours require at least 4 people to depart.

What do you want from your Dracula or Halloween Tours Transylvania?

Another important issue you should address before booking your tour is the purpose of your journey. If you are planning to visit important historical places in our country and discover more about Dracula, our 7-Days tours are the best choice. Want to add more fun to the mix? Go for the Awarded 7-Days Halloween Tours Transylvania and attend up to three amazing Halloween Parties!

Halloween Party in Sighisoara

If time is an issue, you can go on a 3-days Short Break and visit only the main Dracula and history related highlights. On Halloween, these tours include two fun parties, while the summer editions introduce you to our famous Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead.

We also have 1 or 2 days Halloween tours, perfect if your main interest is attending our amazing Halloween Parties! These tours don’t include visits to any landmarks. The 2-days tours include accommodation, meals and at least one Halloween Party.

Meet fellow Dracula enthusiasts and socialize with them!

During our Dracula or Halloween tours Transylvania, you can meet other people, most likely sharing your interests. If this is one of your goals and you can’t wait to socialize with such persons, we recommend tours with a set departure date, such as our 3-days or 7-days Halloween itineraries, which reunite medium to large sized groups.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more intimate travel experience, you can choose our Private Tours, which depart on request, for a minimum of 4 people. You will most likely travel with your friends or family only.

Choose your tour!

By now, you should already know which is the perfect tour for you. Consider all these factors and make your choice. Book your Dracula or Halloween Tours Transylvania now and have fun in our country!

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Available for free if:
You don’t have a reflection in the mirror,
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Blood treats not included!

Other mentions

  • Once you realize the price of good beer and wine you will probably not want to return to your country.
  • People speak plenty of English in Romania and you will find the locals and the other tourists are friendly and open.
  • No visa is required and you can get green card extension insurance from your insurer to cover Romania.

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